Civil Litigation

The Law Office of Brian McDaniel, LLC handles a broad range of civil litigation matters, including in the areas of personal injury, workers compensation, wrongful death, products liability, construction defects, premises liability, tire defects, insurance bad faith and contract disputes.

Civil litigation claims involve matters between individuals or business entities in which the parties cannot, or refuse to, resolve a dispute. The process of investigating and presenting a case to the judge or jury can present numerous pitfalls that make legal counsel and representation essential. Attorney Brian McDaniel has handled lawsuits including personal injury, breach of contract, construction litigation, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty claims. Whether you have a claim or have been named as a Defendant in a lawsuit, seek legal counsel right away.

It is important to obtain an attorney that will be responsive to your concerns but will also give you an accurate honest assessment of the legal aspects of your case. By listening to his clients and studying the factual details of each case, attorney McDaniel is able to provide strong and effective advocacy to his clients, guiding cases to a favorable settlement or through trial when appropriate.

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