Death Benefits Under S.C. Workers’ Compensation

Under South Carolina's Workers' Compensation laws, the dependents of a worker that dies from an accident injury at work may be entitled to death benefits. Attorney Brian McDaniel can help you assess whether death benefits may be available to you or your loved one. Making this assessment requires examining such things as how many people are claiming to be dependents, are those persons claiming to be total or partial dependents, and what is the average weekly wage of the deceased?  Mr. McDaniel will advise you of your rights, assist you in submitting a claim when appropriate and pursue that claim for you through any needed legal proceedings.

You should also be aware that South Carolina law may allow for a certain amount of burial expenses in addition to the compensation award to dependents.

If you, or someone now in your care, are a dependent of a person that has died due to an accidental injury at work it may be wise to contact an attorney to determine what death benefits are available.

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